About Me

About me


My unnecessary quote comes to you from Henry David Thoreau:

“Pursue some path, however narrow and crooked, in which you can walk with love and reverence.”

Well, this is probably the wrong time to do an “About Me” … but I have never been interested in doing things how they should be done (at best “kinda” or in Chinese, chabuduo “close enough”)… Oh well! Let’s continue.

I was born and raised for the most part in the United States of America… I wanted to full name it, because it has been rather naughty lately. The latter half of my life in England having lived in London, Essex and Man(couchCREWEcough)chester… I will always identify as an American, however, I do prefer the lifestyle and social outlook of the life in Europe.

At 14 I moved to London and my life was forever changed. CLICHÉ ALERT! I went to a high school, which had academic standards beyond what I was accustomed to and was nearly kicked out a few times for poor grades. My friends were from all over the world, either very wealthy or parents in government. I was not. I hadn’t lived in a place were public transport wasn’t called “Mum” and “Dad”… I was surrounded by very intelligent, successful people, who could do anything they wanted. At least, that’s how it appeared to me. This would cause me endless issues in confidence and expectations of myself throughout my teens and early 20s.

Through these experiences I became driven for success, enthusiastic for travel and learning, and very jealous. Though, I had not yet discovered how to channel all of these things positively they were my strengths.

Skipping all the over-sharing and needless paragraphs of self-discovery, the result is the guy writing this now. Sublimely confident, self-motivated, self-disciplined, unreasonably positive and irrepressibly happy. I’ve discovered that you make everything yourself, someway, somehow… If you want it enough, you figure it out and it doesn’t have to be fast. I’m still years away from reaching my dreams, but I do now have a path. It only took me to 26 to realise what made me happy and how I might achieve it. Some people aren’t so lucky, look around, many people don’t really know still!

So now I travel. Not enough, I’d say, but way more than most. I used to travel to just tick things off a list! Believe it or not, just to say I had been there. I didn’t have a reason. Then I discovered skateboarding and I got pretty good too. So I wanted to visit the best spots in Europe. As I got older still, I rediscovered my passion for nature and that is what still drives my exploration. I want to go and experience these wild places, test myself in them through climbing or paddling… Pantheism, the belief that reality is akin to divinity… That is why I go. I have to understand the world you see, but I have to do it myself. In some other part, I don’t feel like I yet have home, I have yet to be someplace I could call my forever home.

Boring you now, I’m sorry. Let’s talk about dreams. I want to live my life playing and having fun. And now I’ve discovered exactly how I want to live my life.

Before leaving the UK I was doing some work with TV producers, doing some big shows too. But I would be pigeonholed. Red Bull TV. However, inside I want to be Attenborough. I want to share and encourage education and learning. So to stand a shot, I need my masters. So with gentle persuasion, I could apply palaeontology (my childhood passion) with my degree at two universities in England.

Fast forward to: an opportunity to work a lucrative job in China came before me, I saw it as a chance to increase my life skills and learn an important language. So now I’m here, almost two years on, learning Chinese and saving money, and using the overly high salary to explore Asia.

The next step is taking advantage of the Australian working holiday (after 2 big adventures; 3 weeks on a horse in Mongolia, followed by a bicycle commute from China to Sydney)… Afterwards, I will hopefully attend either Edinburgh University or Bristol to read my MSc in Vertebrate Palaeontology while working on my presenter career in various societies and clubs and attending castings in London… The end goal is to be a lecturer who gets to write and make interesting and exciting programmes for TV. And in my free time have some adventures. Oh and speak Chinese. God damn it I will!

The only advice I’ll offer in my blog, well, life advice:

I think it’s critical to success and happiness to ever at most have a rough plan. Don’t fill it with details, because you’ll never be able to break from the script. You’ll be too focused on the next thing. Just do what you want, when you want or can… Or at least that’s my feelings. I’m not here to tell you how to win at life, just it’s working for me!


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