Prompted Devestation




As a British-English speaker (though my mother tongue is ‘Murican) devastation and it’s family has been absorbed into the lexicon to describe any manner of disappointment.

“Mate, Nandos. Nandos doesn’t deliver. I’m totally devastated”.

Now as a lover of all things spicy and chicken I’d appreciate that pain and disappointment for this poor human. However, I have a strong love of words. I particularly love curse words. Though, words such as devastation, shouldn’t to fall prey to the youth.

This is because, I feel, that it is a powerful and unique word. Stop for a second, what other words can you think of to describe what devastation describes? Or I could just say synonyms, but, whatever. My opinion, is that unless it is being used in an ironic or sarcastic way – I’m a sucker for humour – it shouldn’t be used to describe the mundane. You didn’t get a positive response from your dick pic? Devo’d. NO.

However, the imagery conjured by devastation- to me- isn’t an empty fridge, but something like the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012. 20 children, CHILDREN, alongside their teachers and other staff (6 in total) were fatally shot in school. This is close to my childhood and family home in the US, so this incident is even more real to me. Devastation deserves to not be derailed to describe anything like your personal disappointments or that Trump is now the POTUS (though I personally would bend my own rule for this).

In saying this all, devo’d is the most current evolution of the slang. So maybe it is far enough detached that- it isn’t really a problem and I’m writing for the sake of writing. Maybe.


via Daily Prompt: Devastation


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