China, oh China

So it’s been 8 months, 8 long long and confusing months.

8 months of living in China. This place is truly amazing. The culture, the history and the language. The people are also something else… for better or for worse all of these things are way different to how I grew up in rural America and then metropolitan London. All these wonderful and (often) awful mind-blowing experiences are all part of the charm. Culturally, they’re not doing anything wrong. Culture is a unique and unspoken understanding of how words and actions relate and are understood, it’s as easy as drinking water when you’re in it. When you experience a new one, especially one so different – it’s like a whiskey.

Thematic alert – what makes China awful to an outsider is exactly to me, what makes it so brilliant. Most of these blogs upcoming will be about China and my own experience and maybe commentary on life here.

At times, it will seem like I hate China, when I am asked what it is like I say “Disgusting, disorganised and the people are rude”…that’s all true – but that’s why I love it. Like I said before – my cultural upbringing makes China taste like a strong fiery whiskey. I’m not judging, I can’t express enough how much I love it. Even when I’m hating the man hawking up a huge phlegm lump and just spitting it casually on the floor in the bus.

And I’m really appreciative of my experiences, adventurous or mis-adventurous. I’ve made some damn wonderful Chinese friends and had beautiful experiences. Without my experiences so far, it wouldn’t have shaped me so strongly. I’m happy because even though I may have hard day culturally, personally or even physically… I’m really living in a place where I am challenged daily, I can barely get by speaking their language. I’m having so much fun, making good money and learning a language, a culture and about myself.

But I’m still going to share with you the horrible stuff, because… the nice stuff is so damn boring by comparison.


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