Month: November 2014

Blogging. That’s weird… right?

So, I’ve moved into the word of blogging. I never thought I would. I like being outside too much. But I like talking. Outside things don’t talk back to me. Unless they’re crazy.

Let’s forget about that excellent introduction to the workings my brain. I’m dyslexic and have ADD, but here I am! Going at it!

It seems like everyone blogs for a reason, whether it’s their passion, a diary, a campaign or even simply they don’t have anything better to do. It also boils down to enjoyment. For me, I have chosen to blog to attempt to get back into writing, something I used to do all the time. When I was about 20, many seasons ago, I really got into the outdoors and adventuring and generally just pursuing my passions and curiosity. I’m already pretty bad at this, having started this entry the 6th September. I keep myself busy, usually not wanting to spend the time at a computer. Or when I am- I’m not really functioning well enough to be productive.

If you’re willing to sit through and sift through my thoughts, I will be writing about anything and everything. My curiosity is my passion and my passion is my curiosity, so I will more than likely have a varied and sporadic page.

My name is Keith, I’m an American living in the UK. I have been here for 12 years, so I have a dual national identity. I’m 26 and pretty much I do what I want, because I fancy it! I’m hoping to keep going down the path I’m on, I want to be a professional presenter and I’ve managed to get a billboard with my face on it in NYC… I’d rather people be like, Hey it’s that guy from that thing…

I’m going to keep this one short, so I can complete my first entry.

I’m sure at this stage you probably don’t care much about me or what I’m writing. Bear with me though, I hope to change that.